Uniti Star not recognising USB or server

Please help; my uniti star is not recognising my server where my usb is which I have been ripping cds to.

Additionally why does the star not recognise my usb when I choose usb input?

I think once you create your local server and have it connected via one of the USB sockets, the Star ignores the fact that it’s connected as a USB and sees it as a “server”. Mines the same.

Oh right nice one, but it’s not recognising the server now which is where the music is stored on a usb?

Assume you have formatted and set the usb stick up as a music server via the app?

What kind of server are you using? Which software do you run on it?

The Uniti:s need some UPnP/DLNA server and it needs to be connected to the same network (LAN/WiFi, or the combination of those; same “subnet”); I’m not using such a setup myself, but from I read there’s more than a couple of more or less capable software out there for this purpose. (Also depending on what hardware your server is: PC/Mac/…, NAS, dedicated music server, …).

Yes that’s right

I have a usb which was formatted by the naim star and cd’s ripped to, and accessed under input server, its already been working fine until today

Yes that’s correct

I presume Gavin means the UPnP server that runs on his Star. All current Naim streamers run a version of the Naim server.

Yes I think that’s what I mean, I’m a bit new to ripping and using server

It’s frustrating cause it was working until today, after using it for last few days

It’s ok problem solved, thanks everyone

USB is clunky on its best days. Get a NAS and Asset uPNP server software and you’ll have the most reliable solution.

Thanks Dan

What do you mean by that? Using the Star as a CD ripper requires an attached USB drive on which to store the rips.

No worries. USB is bit like a reasonably well-sorted filing cabinet. You can find stuff but it’s all a bit tedious. A server has ‘intelligence’ built in that makes browsing music much more pleasurable. Asset has ‘served’ me very well - I’m not even paid to say that.

The new generation streamers/Unitis have a version of the Naim UPNP server built in, so they serve USB attached music via UPNP to themselves and other network attached players. So it’s not as clunky as searching trees on a file system, it’s using the metadata as any other UPNP server.

I’m sure you’re correct but USB’s limitations in my experience don’t take too long to surface when playing music. A NAS is a far better solution over USB. Unless you only have 100 CDs then I suppose it’s not too bad. I have 4000 so it’d be a disaster, and helping others sort their music collections has led me to hold firm that USB is painfully limited.

I run 2 NASes on my network, main music server and an rsync copy on the main house NAS. I have briefly experimented with the 4TB portable drives I use as offsite backup connected to my Nova to see what the server mode is like. It worked fine, showed all the metadata I’d want, worked well to both the Nova that the drive was connected to and the ND555.
What limitations are you referring to?

In practical use I find them very clunky.
You’re relying on the device to do the powering. In a NAS it’s self-contained.
I hate frustration and mucking around so I stick to what I know works pretty much most of the time.

Whatever works for you is fine. I just prefer a NAS.

USB great for off-site back up.