Uniti Star not recognising USB or server

As I said I use NASes, I was just curious what the issues you see are. Just in case you’re interested, I’ve just plugged a USB drive in to see what the Naim server offers, pretty basic but usable server. (Reminds me it’s about time to do a new back up to this drive and swap it with the offsite one.)

Slow indexing, painful interface. I dunno I just find it clunky. I’m not just involved with Naim’s products, but other brands, and generally USB causes trouble, so I tend to avoid.

Yes I have about 100 cd’s so usb is good solution, might get nas in future

Thank you Eoink, yes I see local storage under server, then when I click in I see the ripped music on usb

I have a USB drive with nearly 1000 albums on it. If I connect it to my Naim streamer, it works fine via the built in server, and I don’t see anything ‘clunky, slow or painful’ about it. You may find that using a NAS for storage, and running a UPnP server on that, is worthwhile for whatever reason in future. For example, you can run a more sophisticated server which may be more versatile when it comes to browsing a large collection of classical music, and if you add music from sources other than the Star CD ripper, it’s slightly more convenient.

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