Uniti Star/Nova - still up-to-date?

I’m thinking of downsizing, and have found a discounted Uniti Star locally.

The Uniti range is about 6 years old now, is it still relevant, or has the technology changed so much that it might be better to wait for a possible replacement?

Please don’t reply that I should get a Nova instead… I know the Nova is better, but I want the CD player.


The Star has received several updates since launch and will continue to do so. When released. I’ve had mine 4 years with no problems.
Great bit of kit


Those are firmware updates of course, not hardware updates that anyone needs to worry about.

Based on what’s recently released the software part would remain the same, even if a successor was imminent. Hardware, who knows?

Regarding the Nova, I didn’t find it significantly better, so don’t worry about that. Of course might depend on speakers .

I have a Star, and to me CD playback is great, with the ability to rip bitperfectly to an HD, but I miss the full p!ayback simplicity from the remote of my Uniti 1, though the extra power is welcome. Not changing it, though.

I have a Star, for a while it was part of my main system for several years, but upgraditis reinfected me and it is now in the second system and acting as a ripper and server for my main system. I think for the money it is an amazing item of hi-fi, add a pair of suitable speakers you have a great sounding system. As others have said, it uses the current streaming platform that is being used in the recently released New Classic range so is very current. Eventually, it will get replaced of course but I think we looking at the medium to long term and I would expect the replacement to use the same streaming platform.


I would expect the Uniti range to be updated within the next 2 years if not less once the new classic range has been fully rolled out, nothing wrong with buying one now of course if you get a good deal.

You know better than that! This is Naim we are talking about. I would suggest within the next 5 years is more realistic.

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He did say 2 years after the New Classic range was released, so that could easily be 5 years from now :woozy_face:


I first had the star and then bought Nova with it. Personally, I felt the difference was big. The Nova sounds more adult, more space, more volume. I have an old Cyrus CD player on it if I want to listen to a CD


The Uniti devices are still very much supported. And especially if you find something discounted it is to be taken under consideration.

Some functionality can also be added with firmware updates to support things like, for instance, Tidal changing from MQA to Hi Res FLAC.

From every thing I have read and heard as a Uniti owner myself there is nothing to suggest that they will be dropped from support any time soon.

5 years would make it 11 years since original release, the original Uniti was updated in less time than that. If everything within the new classic range is going up a notch or two in terms of sq, which appears to be the case, it’ll leave too much of a gap to the Unitis. Anyway, who knows, all speculation!

The new classic range has also seen quite a jump in price so the ratio to the Unitis may still be the same?

Thanks for your replies - very helpful.

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