Uniti Star: phono amp for Rega P6?

Any phono pre-amp recommendations for a P6 for the Uniti Star?

I have a P6 with Ania Pro and it sounds incredible with the Rega Aria.

Used this with my Star when I still had it and keeps sounding amazing now that I upgraded to Atom HE + NAP 250 DR.

I would try a MM phono stage from Graham Slee

A You can try before you buy
B You won’t be paying extra for a MC circuit
C They sound good.

I am assuming you have an MM , if you have MC , the same applies - you choose a dedicated MC without paying extra for MM


Until recently I had a Uniti Star and a P6 c/w Ania MC cartridge. Initially I used an Arcam rPhono and whatever settings I used I found the sound to be really very “muddy”. I then bought a Rega MC Fono and it was so much better.

The Rega Fono MC is definitely a hifi bargain and will be very well matched to the Ania Pro. There are some good prices on the Mk 3 model as well which is identical to the Mk 4 apart from the case. I lived very happily with one with a P8/Apheta 3 but now have the Aria which has a fuller and smoother sound with slightly more detail. Whether it is worth nearly 5 times the price is something only you can decide.

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Consider a Cyrus Signature Phono and Power Supply. It sounds very good with my upgraded Rega P25/Hana. It does MM and MC cartridges well and can accept multiple turntables. Half width case helps with rack space. Definite improvement compared to a Stageline. Cyrus has synergy with Rega and Naim imo.

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