Uniti Star Power light blinking no fuctionality

Good morning

After a week of owning a Uniti star. The front power light is flashing on and off with no display and no naim logo lit up.

My app can’t see the streamer and nothing works. Factory reset also doesn’t work.

If I take the power out of the back. The volume dial lights from dim to light. The panel buttons are lit as is the Naim logo. Then they go off and the power button flashes

Before it was doing this the art work was froz n and I turned off and unplugged to see if it would solve it and now this!

I have contacted support but they haven’t Even responded to a previous problem I had a week ago.

Sadly I think it’s going to go back to the dealer and that’s a shame but it seems really buggy and lots of people have problems also it’s one of the only Naim products that have a fresh and continual supply of refurbished stock. I have never

Thanks for any help


Have you tried a full reset pressing and holding play and input while trying to power up? The release after 5 seconds and leave it to undergo the reset procedure , after which it should go into standby.

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Tried this twice with no luck. Took the power cable out. It booted with the same blinking lights. Hit reset again and it booted back to life.

Also I belive you were advising on Phono stages. And I have managed to source a second hand I supply and some new Kef R3 speakers are on there way. So sorted for Christmas.

That’s great news.

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Turned off to plug in new phono stage. And it’s doing it again. It must be a power fault. Now I’m still getting a blinking power light.

I’ve emailed Naim. But I’m worried by the time they respond my 30 day warranty will expire with the retailer.

I would get in touch with your dealer and take it from there. 30 day warranty? is it secondhand?

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