Uniti Star preamp Out has only one channel

Hello, I have upgraded my Uniti Star with a Nap 200 DR.
Now I have the problem that only one channel works, even if I switch left and right. It is the original Naim rca to 4pin din cable.
My dealer has already replaced it but no change. Another vendors amp worked fine with this cable and my nap200.
Does anyone have any ideas what to do? As a workaround I use a high level to low level converter, also with the Naim RCA to DIN cable and it works. But I’d like to get rid of the converter as I can’t imagine that’s best for the quality.

It must be some kind of incompability between these to components

And I forgot to mention that the uniti star of my dealer also had the same problem.

Has your dealer checked their unit with a multimeter to see whether both channels are outputting signal? If not it’s probably something they should contact Naim about.

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Hi Richard, the strange thing is, that when you change the two plugs on rca side left to right (preamp out), only the right box has sound even after a change

That is odd and would seem to indicate an interconnect issue of some kind. If it’s the same at your dealer I’m sure they can get to the bottom of it.

I will ask my dealer to open a support case.
Is there anybody who has a uniti with an nap running?

I have a UnitiNova with a non-Naim power amplifier and it works perfectly.

That’s what we also tested successfully at the store.

Is it always the same channel on the Star that doesn’t work - it seems that it’s only the right channel output that works ?

As you’ve swapped cables and swapped source, it sounds like it’s a faulty Star. It’s surprising your dealer’s Star also does this so perhaps there is a common fault on a batch of these ?

Very strange.

You can change the rca plugs from left to right and back with the same result. I preordered it when it came out, so it must be one of the first batch, same as my dealers one

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