Uniti Star remote - works for a very short time

Tried to use my remote for the first time in a while, and I can’t get it to (re-?)pair properly. If I take the batteries out and then put back in, the remote works as expected until I pause and the display goes to sleep; thereafter it never wakes the display up or controls the main unit.

Rinse and repeat & the same thing happens again. How do I make it work for longer periods?


Sounds to me like the batteries are running low. These new Zigbee remotes chew them much faster than the old IR ones.

There is a FAQ on how to pair naughty remotes. Also, possibly your Star needs a full reboot, as in switch it off and unplug it, wait, and start it up again.

I had a similar problem with my Atom remote. Changed batteries - all good…

Only got 6 months out of the batteries - seems short to me. Earlier poster mentioned the same thing

I’ve not had to change mine for 2 years as yet. Though I must say I use the app a lot as well.

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