Uniti Star, servers, streaming, upnp

Hello there, I’m struggling here. I have a Uniti Star and 2000 plus CDs. My missus wants 100 CDs Familiar territory… ?
So I bought a WD my book duo. installing 2x3tB WD red drives and set it up as a Raid 1. I attached the duo to the rear USB port and the Naim did it’s thing and configured the Duo as a music store. I then ripped a few CDs and it appears to be sending them to the Duo. However, when I look at servers or the USB in the Naim app I see nothing. Although, if I search for albums or tracks in servers, they are there and they play. I have gone into MDP on my win10 laptop and I can browse to the Star but I can’t see the laptop in the Naim app unders servers, as I understand, MDP has UPnP built in and therefore I should see this as server? Any help pointing me in the right direction would be much appreciated. Slainte Lachie.

Do you mean music player daemon? I cant see this has a upnp server, you might be best trying asset or minimserver. I only found reference to mpd as a upnp renderer.

I gave up trying to get my Star to play with my WD NAS with Naim CD WAV rips. Naim whilst supportive were unable to offer a solution when I contacted them about this a couple of years ago. I gave up and now have a local store connected to the Star. Might be worth contacting Naim support as they may have found a solution to this now.

I don’t know Robert. I thought if I hung the Duo of the back it would configure as a music store. I’ve let the Star do everything as per Naim’s instruction. Is there a more detailed manual for the Star than the pdf on the Naim site? Thanks for the input. Lachie.

I didn’t think I had set my Duo as NAS, I thought I was hanging it off the USB and it became a USB drive. I will give Naim a shout tomorrow and see what they recomend. The info is there but I can’t access I was expecting. Also thought I’d see the Upnp of the mepida paly on win10. You wouldnt believe I used to be Computer Telephony Engineer, retired! Thanks for your comments Lachie.

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