Uniti Star Speaker Selection

Product: Naim Uniti Star with current/lastest software
Issue: Music comes through, you can hear all the words, but none of it is clear - sound is muffled
Speakers/Cables: Bowers + Wilkins 684 S2 towers, AudioQuest CT-4 cables (all connections checked 3x for correct terminals and secure fit)
Secondary Speaker Test: PSB Imagine Minis, same cables, same muffled sound
Additional Info: Factory reset did not help. Also, to my ears, issue seems to be more pronounced when playing CDs (reference CDs where I know exactly what they should sound like when all is well) but all sources sound muffled.

Questions: Has anyone else experienced/solved this problem? Am I using the wrong speakers? Separately, should I be concerned that the power connector port wobbles/moves when I insert the power cord?

Thanks in Advance!

Are the speakers properly wired? I am only asking because in my pre-Naim days I had my wonderful KEFs misconnected to my NAD - the result was what you describe.

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Welcome to the forum Gazoller.

Last question first: The IEC socket should be able to move about slightly within the case cut-out - this is by design to give some physical decoupling for better performance and really comes good when you use the Naim Powerline.

As for the Star sounding muffled on either set of speakers, If you have checked and double checked all connections (do double check polarity is correct) then either the unit has a fault or, my suspicion would fall on the Audioquest speaker cables, which may be causing the Star problems. If I were you I would try a different set of speaker cables (probably Naim’s recommended NACA5 or a similar low capacitance, moderately high inductance speaker cable) and see whether the issue improves. You might wish to do this in conjunction with your Naim dealer, who I’m sure will be wanting to know of this issue and help you find a solution.

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Thank you, Richard! I tried a different set of cables, same result. However… I just increased the Audio Settings > Maximum Volume to ~75 and now the clarity has returned! Much appreciated your clarification on the power connector socket!

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