Uniti star storage


Can I use WD 4TB My Cloud EX2 Ultra 2-bay NAS for ripping

You need to use a USB drive attached to the Star to store music files that are ripped from CD.
You can transfer them to a NAS later if you prefer, and you can use that NAS to store other music files such as purchased downloads, but then you will want a NAS that can run a reliable UPnP server. WD is probably not a great choice for that purpose.

WD and Naim do not play well together when using Naim WAV rips. FLAC’s are OK as I recall. I think it is more to do with PLEX which is the supported media server on WD. I gave up and initially had a large SD card for my rips and then moved to an SSD plugged into the USB port at the back.

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Also WD recently had a big outage affecting all of their home-based cloud storage and it was a week before WD restored things and gave people access to their files back.

If it were me, I would abandon WD and chose a reliable NAS provider, like Synology or possibly QNAP, subject to what users are saying about QNAP reliability currently.

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Thanks, I’m not a nas user just saw the home cloud option plus it has 2 usb’s.
As you saw will stick to a usb storage, just as shame they only have a single usb so can’t easily connect my laptop to it with disconnecting from the uniti star.

Reading all advice will stick to usb storage, perhaps 1tb. Thanks

There are two USB ports (front and rear) as well as an SD card slot, but they are for attaching storage only. For a computer you’ll need to use a network connection or SPDIF.

Cheers. I was meaning a usb external drive comes with one.

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