Uniti Star , Uniti Core Connection

Hello everyone I have just recently purchased a Uniti Star and Uniti Core (and loving the sound). Currently the Core is connected to my modem and streams to the Star I am wanting to connect them directly and I am thinking of using the Highline interconnect. Is it a good idea for improvement in sound quality. I was very impressed with the effect that the powerline cable had on the audio experience

Thanks for letting me share

The core is digital output only so you can’t use a highline. Options are usb or digital coax so you could use a Naim dc1, though using coax will exclude the highest of hires formats, I think it’s 24/96 maximum. Usb doesn’t have that limit.
If you have a decent wired network end to end then I would leave it at that.

Thanks for that. Its just that I’ve heard it said that the sound quality is not as good when transmission occurs over wifi compared to direct connection Is that so?

No I don’t believe that to be the case.

I think what you have heard is that Ethernet is better than WiFi, which is certainly true for the old streamers and Unitis, but isn’t necessarily true for the new platform streamers and Unitis including the Star.

Using the network (Ethernet or WiFi) to carry music from the Core to the Star is fine. Some people like a direct wired connection from the Core to the Star but personally I think that’s just their preference rather than that its better as such.


Thanks David, Robert
I’ll take your advice and stick with what I’ve got



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