Uniti Star upgrade

Hi all,

I currently have a uniti star with NAP 250DR, although sounds great, I am wondering how much an improvement a NAC272 would be over the Star? I am not really interested in more than 2 boxes so pre / power is not being considered, the 272 is quite old now but would the improvement over the Star be night and day?

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It would be a backward step in my opinion as as good as the 272 it is limited in the updates it can receive currently and in the future. Have you tried the Nova?

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Isn’t the preamp sections of Nova and Star the same? The HiFi shop says the Nova is just slightly more powerful than the Star.

Naim have dropped heavy hints that a replacement for the 272 is in the works, so it would seem logical to wait for that, though how soon it appears is anyone’s guess. The new Atom HE could also be worth investigating.

Remember also that this concept of ‘night and day’ differences is just rubbish. A 272 would likely be a bit better, but its functionality is more limited and it won’t get more updates, which may or may not be important.


The 3 uniti amps all have different dacs implemented slightly differently, the Nova has a much larger transformer than either star or atom, although on paper its only 10 more watts, the Nova can comfortably drive more difficult speakers. It also has a few more inputs available. But in the end, it is how it sounds, it was ahead of the Star when i heard them. Perhaps others can comment about the preamp differences, the streaming board side is identical.

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The streaming side / DAC is more or less the same between the Atom, Star and Nova, but the Nova should have a slightly more advanced filter section than the other two if the available information is correct.

In terms of sound , I suspect when the 272 replacement turns up it will not be night and day from it’s predecessor , however it is functionality that it will judged on. (A built in phono stage perhaps as well as latest programmes)

My advice is to wait , I would not go Uniti to 272 . I think Mr HH has summed it up very accurately .


I have also debated getting a 272 to replace my Star as an interim measure but have decided that I am better off waiting for a few reasons. Currently, I am happy and enjoying music greatly with my Star/250DR/SCM40 system and hopefully by the time another bout of upgraditis become acute, the replacement will be waiting in a dealers stock room for me.

One of the big pluses of the 272 was the ability to add power supplies. With your two-box limit you forgo that, so it’s really guesswork how much better, if at all, a bare 272 would be. If you don’t use the Star’s CD player, I’d be tempted to find a friendly dealer and compare your Star with Atom HE at least once they become a bit more widely available. Oh, and if you do, please report back.


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Someone here is testing at home the Atom HE and comparing to his 272, as preamp.
He posted that some weeks ago. I feel that if the differences were very clear, he would have posted already.
Having read some threads, the Atom SE preamp seems to be better vs the other Unitis. So normally better vs the Star.
I would say, if you can wait some months more and see if the 272 replacement will be produced, then it’s worth waiting, specially as there are upgrades with power supplies. The Atom HE can’t be upgraded by ps.

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Yeah I must admit, coming from a Superuniti to the Star with NAP250, apart from the Star having more functions, I don’t notice that much sonic difference, seems like for large outlay of finances the gains are still just marginal

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I started with the star. after buying sophisticated speakers, i wanted to improve. my choice fell on the nova, which has brought a clear improvement. Then I achieved a further improvement with the NAP250DR. I would have to hang the star on the 250 and see what happens. since the difference between star and nova was very big, i think it will be the same with the 250. 272 was too old technology for me. Next step for you can be the Nova.

You went from Star, to Nova, to Nova/250dr. How do you know that Nova/250dr is much better vs Star/250dr?

I don’t know, I suspect it. But i could try it because the star is in my office :wink:


It would be a very useful test for the OP here :+1:

I had Atom, Star and now Nova. The difference between the first two is small, but between Star and Nova it is big (I didn’t trust the distributor myself before). I later added nap 250 (non dr) and now it’s better again (nap controls my speakers better).

and I wanted to say that you could consider replacing Star with Nova.

That’s the opposite of my experience, I found Atom to Star a much larger step then Star to Nova. But admittedly, mine was a store demo.

Out of curiosity, what speakers do you have?

Spendor A7

I’m running Dali Helicon 800’s, I really cannot see how the nova would make a significant difference to my set up but I suppose I would need to try it to conclude it is / isn’t.