Uniti Star upgrade

Has anybody upgraded with a NAP200 or heard a demo?

Is it a worthwhile upgrade. I currently have a Star with B&W 705 S2’s and a REL T/5i subwoofer.

I’ve heard the Nova with a 250DR several times and that’s a worthwhile upgrade! I would suggest if you wanna have a significant upgrade to try a (used) 250DR. The step from 200 to 250 is major - maybe the biggest of all Naim power amps for the money.

When I had a Superuniti (predecessor to the Nova) I added a 200 to it. There was a nice little improvement, but nowhere near enough to justify the price of a 200 in my view. I only did it as the first step in a planned upgrade to NDX/282/200, but if I had intended to keep the Superuniti, I wouldn’t have bothered.
I have a suspicion that you might find the same with your Star, but of course, you might disagree once you’ve heard it for yourself.

I’ve had a Star about 9 months, my problem was ripping my CDs, now that I"m playing them I get dropouts on numerous ones that have this and others don’t.

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