Uniti Star: volume for vinyl vs. streaming

When listening to vinyl, I have to turn up the volume to about 50 whereas when streaming, I turn it to about 30 for the same level. I’m guessing the difference depends on the quality of signal to my turntable. I’m using a Rega Fono MM amp with P6 TT.

I suppose this is normal?

Hi Parksung,

I have a similar situation on my Nova when using my Clearaudio Concept turntable with a Graham Slee phono stage.

Maybe not a difference of 20 volume increments but I definitely have to have the volume cranked higher for vinyl.

I am not too troubled by it and assume it is just the nature of the various components - I’m sure there will be someone on this forum with more technical wisdom who can give you a more scientific answer!



You can alter the level of input under settings so should be able to balance with spotify

It’s nothing to do with quality. It’s just that the output level from the Fono is lower than the level of the streamer source. You can either live with it, or use the input trim on whichever analogue input you are using to get the levels matched. You do this via the app, go to input settings, choose your input and adjust the trim.

It’s totally normal on any amp. Digital sources output 2-3v whereas a phono stage is closer to 1v.

I’ve never seen a system be different Naim or not. If I forget to turn down the volume on my tube amp after playing a record and the stream something, I always have a deafening loud shock.

I have used the input trim to get some parity between digital sources and turntable which goes along way to solving this issue. My other problem is the difference between normal TV and streamed content such as Netflix. The Netflix content needs a substantial twist to the volume knob to gain parity with the Tv.

That’s likely the difference between stereo source and multi-channel source.
The player or the TV has to downmix to stereo and to avoid clipping, they trim each channel.

Both Netflix and TV are identical volumes for me. But the adverts are crazy loud.

Which is an old issue well documented. Doesn’t change the fact that I’d actually like to smack someone in the face responsible for allowing adverts to set their level so high. It’s like an uninvited intrusion to the home - at least that’s how I feel.


Amen to that, one of my bugbears too.

It’s supposed to be normalised to -23 LUFS of course - but I guess not all broadcasters comply…

In 2009, the Canadian CRTC adopted rules to prevent commercial messages from being broadcast at a higher level than the preceding messages. In my view, it cured the problem at the time but today it seem that every broadcasters are cheating again.

It is possible to make a complaint but it must include:

  • The date and time of the program you were watching
  • The title and/or description of the program and the commercial
  • The channel number and name of the programming service
  • The name of the television service provider (e.g., cable, satellite direct-to-home, IPTV), if applicable
  • A description of the loudness issue

I am convinced the CRTC is well aware of this but some people in the meanders of bureaucracy are obviously not doing what they are paid to do…

Cheating via same nominal recording level but with dynamic range compression and everything pushed to the top of the band, is my guess.

Sadly it’s not just broadcast TV. Advert sponsored streaming also does it. The ads volume on YouTube… my god! :dizzy_face:

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