Uniti Star Volume Jumping

Streaming Spotify from an IPhone on the Spotify app. If I adjust the volume on the phone it jumps from 20 to around 85. Then down from 85-60

Surely I don’t just have to use the naim app and naim volume?

Also from the app it just displays the artwork and not the track’s is this correct

Ps it’s fresh out the box on the latest firmware and an a grade refurbished unit

Thanks Clive

Same with me. If I try and control the volume from the Spotify App the volume increments quite big for some reason (Android), but not going from from 20-85. That’s weirdly extreme. More like increments of 3/5 instead of 1 via the Naim app.

I use an iPad mini for my Star because the controls on my phone are very small and it can be difficult to adjust the volume in small steps. I use the remote for volume 99% of the time. I do get artwork freeze about once every ten days. An unplug wait for twenty then start again clears it.

It scared the cat :cat2: and me, I was thinking it could be the Internet. But it didn’t happen with my uniti 2

So the art work should display the album and the track your playing? I’m sadly finding I preferred my uniti 2 as there was less to go wrong.

This is the default view, but it will show track information, time left etc with a button press on the remote ‘now playing’ button.

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Thanks for that!

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