Uniti Star: when will it be touchscreen?

I love my Star so far but like many people, would love it more if it had a touchscreen.

If Naim ever come out with this, would that be done through a software update or would I need to buy a new one that had the touchscreen? In other words, does the display itself need to have touchscreen capabilities?

Yes, the display would need to be a touchscreen. A software update won’t do it.

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Using a smartphone or tablet gives the touch screen experience without having to walk across the room. The only Uniti I could see a touch screen being a useful addition would be the AtomHE.

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Naim put a touchscreen on the HDX. It worked very well, but I find it hard to imagine anybody wanting to crouch in front of such a small screen to control their streamer when you can do so on the screen of your choice while sitting down.
Who are these “many people” who would like a touchscreen, I’ve never met one?


Well, now you have :blush:

Other discussion forums and reviews I’ve read/seen have noted wanting a touch screen. But yes, having a phone as remote does the job for me.

I could see the advantage of a touch screen on the marketing materials and spec sheet, but on the practical side when the gear is on a rack the commodity of the phone or tablet is the most practical.

Also I can see a lot of drawbacks,.

A more expensive repair of the screen.
More software dependencies that could have an effect on the sound.
An increase In the price of the product for something I will use a little of even not use it at all.
One more thing to get service when the touch stops working.
Lots of fingerprints to clean from time to time.

But if present will not harm for sure, but I can live without. Maybe on the Atom HE that is a unit is normally closer to the headphones. But most of the time I use software to listen to music and that also makes the touchscreen a redundant function, is easier to Naim to implement controls on the top of the atom as the Muso 2 has.

Good points. Question answered. No need for more info :+1:

But surely the Uniti range are, at least in part, lifestyle products to be placed around the listening room rather than intended to sit on a rack. They’re all-in-ones with a pretty top mounted volume control after all. The Atom in my office sits on my desk with speakers mounted on the wall behind and I probably would use a touch screen if it had one.

What I’d really like though is to able to make more use of the current screen. Ideally, I would be able to search and play local and streamable files without finding a phone or iPad to run the app or starting Kazoo on my desktop.


Precisely. It’s been months and months and months since I’ve ‘touched’ my ND555. Can’t think of, for me, any use case where I’d want to.

While displays are nice looking, and yes, useful at times, I really haven’t fully understood why it is needed, when one is typically controlling the device from a tablet or phone anyway. Displays are just one more thing to break and be irritating over the long run, and cost silly money to replace….dare I say Uniti displays that were kind of crap to begin with? After replacing mine twice, each time lasting around 3-4 years one the least “on” time, I gave up. At least the rest of the thing continues to do solid duty! No wonder I bought the display-less ND5 XS2.


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