Uniti Star - won't stream 96khz 24bit Quboz filea

Hi all - I am very new to the streaming game and having had a trouble free and thrilling first 3 weeks streaming from both Tidal and Quboz (free trial), as of yesterday my Star began what I can only call ‘drowning’ 96khz 24bit tracks. It is fine with all Tidal tracks and 44/24 bit however the 96 khz files sound heavily distorted with robotic vocals. Absolutely awful.

I have tried a deep sleep all day today and that has made no difference. All advice would be most welcome. Cheers.

I would try a hard power cycle or, failing that, a reset of the unit.

Deep sleep turns most of it off, but not all of it. So take the power off the Star completely and then put the power back on after a minute or two.



Many thanks both. The unplugging and restarting did the trick. Back in business…

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I have the same issue on my NDX2. I’ve reported it before to NAIM and was expecting it to be fixed in the latest firmware update. Unfortunately, the distortion on 96/24 tracks still occurs from time to time. Power cycling the NDX2 resolves it.

I have been running a NDX 2 since February 2019 and never had any issues with Hi-Res tracks from Qobuz being distorted. Only issue of any concern was the occasional reboot which has only occurred a few times since the most recent software update.

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I have a new Nova and it has exhibited exactly the same problem - mushy/slow playback of 96khz or above recordings, getting progressively worse. Following advice seen on this forum, I turned the unit off, left for 10 mins and restarted. Now functions fine. However, it should not be like this and Naim needs to find a solution. Also my Nova also stopped recognising the CD player (1992 CDI) connected as an Analogue input, similarly cured by the power cycle.

Adding us to the list of impacted units, NDX 2 here, with the garbles. Breakpoint here is at 24/48 and above streaming from UPnP, Qobuz or Roon. Digital inputs don’t get garbled but do suffer a second or more of delay.

Same issue with Atom HE today, on a 96/24. Power cycle did the trick but, does anyone know if that is on the bugs backlog?


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