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Hi. At present I have a Uniti1 which I bought new in 2009. I have had to return it to Naim for repair and am rather taken by the Uniti Star to give me streaming facilities etc.
I still play LP’s and bought a Naim preamp at the same time. As the preamp will not be powered by Uniti star any suggestions?

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I am confused.

  1. Are you playing/ripping CDs?
  2. Which preamp did you buy?
  3. Are you looking for power supply options to power the preamp?

Maybe I am missing something, but it seems odd that someone sold you a preamp and a Star together. How is this supposed to work, the Star does streaming, which goes into the preamp? And what device is doing power amp duties?

I think that the OP is talking about a phono preamp.

Of course if we are not talking about that it is quite confusing.

Otherwise my suggestions is to keep the Star and whatever phono preamp you are using.

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I’m guessing you mean a phono preamp for the turntable, presumably a Stageline. The Uniti can power this but the Star can’t, so you would need a Flatcap or Hicap PSU.

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Good point, but a Naim phono pre that needs a separate PS would not be my first choice for a Star either. I suppose it’s a Stageline, requiring a HiCap, FlatCap XS, or (God forbid) SuperCap, all of which make it a pretty pricey phono pre

You have answered my question thank you. It seems to me that by not making the Uniti star compatible with stage line preamp is weakness. Possibly better to keep the original Uniti1 & add an external streamer. Any suggestions that don’t need a mortgage?

I’d suggest you look at an ND5XS2 streamer and a Nait XS integrated amplifier. It will sound a lot better than a Star, and better than a Nova. The amp has a built in MM phono stage and can also power a Stageline. The ND5XS2 has all the functionality of the Star, other than the ability to rip CDs.

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I agree with HH, the ND5XS2/NaitXS3 is a great system. You could stagger the cost by using the ND5 into your Uniti, then change it for the Nait later if you want.

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