Uniti volume knob question

So been really enjoying the Atom HE but a question has cropped up.

Because I am now using the actual volume knobs lot more I realised it is not quite as smooth an action as that on my Star.

In testing it I also realised that I am able to wiggle the volume knob rocking it back to front a little. Perhaps a millimeter of play max.

The one on my star is rock solid.

Is this within tolerance? Anyone else have this? Before I set the complaints query wheels in motion I am curious if this does happen.

That doesn’t sound right to me, there’s no play in mine, just a nice smooth action. I would question your dealer about it.

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I just tested mine and it’s buttery smooth with no wiggle. Too bad I don’t have a reason to use more often but sit at a distance, so using the remote or volume in roon instead.

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So got word from my dealer about this. Also sent them a video and they said it is within the normal boundaries for current Uniti devices.

So here is the video I took:


@Naim.Marketing I would really appreciate your take on this. The device and volume control is working perfectly fine so if it is just cosmetic and not indication of a manufacturing fault I am happy to live with it.

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I’ve known a slight range across units - I’ll show your video to the team tomorrow for feedback.

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Thank you!

@Naim.Marketing not a rush call just want to know if there is any news whether the verdict is “within the expected range” or not?

After the dealer said it is normal and you indicated there is a range it does not even bother me at all actually.

Spookily enough, the production quality team had just got back to me as I saw your message pop up. They said thanks for the video, which made it clear. All within range and nothing to worry about.

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Ha! I must be in tune with the Naim mothership!

That is really great news! Thank you for investigating this for me, I appreciate it.

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