Uniti2 - 4.7 update - Front panel issue

Hi everyone,

After this update (which successfully completed) my streamer has the stop, play, list and prev buttons always lit for no apparent reason. The other buttons behave correctly depending which menu is selected.

I’ve done a factory settings reset, restarted the device, nothing changed. There’s a 99% chance I’m taking it to a retailer to have it fixed (I may discover other hidden issues as I reconfigure it), however I’m curious to know if anyone has experienced anything similar?

This is a pity my first post is about a problem, my Uniti2 has worked like a charm for years…

You don’t specifically say, but have you used the remote ‘disp’ button for this.

Why not update to 4.8?

Hi Mike,
Good points: I did use disp but it has not effect. As for 4.8, it was not proposed on the update page in my language, found it on the main site. Not sure if flashing again is the right approach though

I haven’t heard of that before.

But I would definitely suggest putting the 4.8 update on now. It can’t do any harm and you definitely want it. If your Uniti 2 is repaired they will put 4.8 on it anyway. And it might just sort your problem.

All things considered, I updated to 4.8
Weirdest behavior:

Nevertheless it seems now that all functions are back to normal and the Tidal login is now updated, which was the main goal.

Thanks all!

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Yes that is expected behaviour during firmware updating of products that had replacement screens installed during a particular period. I believe Naim had to use a different part as it was all they could get hold of at that time and the firmware handles the backwards-writing feature once the installation is complete.

Anyway I’m glad you sorted out your problem.

Oh, good to know about the screen!

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