uniti2 and spendor s6e

Hi everyone

Im new to this forum and have just purchased a second hand uniti2 to replace my arcam a85 and cd 72. the difference is ear opening to say the least. i went for the uniti 2 because i thought they had bluetooth but mine doesnt. So i was wondering what wife friendly and good sound quality option are out there? I dont really want to see another box as i like the 1 box approach for now until I can afford a NAP250. We both have apple phones so would ios campatability. Also I have spendor S6e that im thinking of changing to maybe q acoustic 3050i does anybody have any suggestions for new speakers. deep and good base is prefered. Previous systems iv had in the past were original AE1s and linn classik. oh and I use linn k400 speaker cable is this outdated by less intrusive cables. Thanks in advance

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Hi Paul

I have been using an original Uniti since 2012 (with S6e) and now use it as a source into a bolt down 250/32.5/HC/SBLs. I use an echo Dot into mine for streaming and works fine, however, I tend not to use it much as I have other sources I prefer (iRadio, LP12, Streaming from NAS).

Before you change your S6e’s, make sure you home demo anything else. I have only just sold on my S6e to a friend, they needed a little too much room for my space (my wife is a childminder). I thought they worked really well with the Uniti as long as they were 40cm from a rear wall and 90cm from a side wall.

I have Linn K20 cable in my attic system and can’t see why you would need anything more expensive than that.

Lp12 stageline Lingo unity2 sbl’s. brilliant. would not change .small box count .

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Naim amps really don’t like biwiring. I would go for some regular speaker cable. Linn K20, which is essentially the single wire version of K400, would be fine, as would Naim’s NACA4 or NACA5.

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Hello PaulFrance,
I also have second hand Uniti2, well actually it was a demo that took several months of running in so make sure yours was played sufficiently. I recently bought PMC 20/24 second hand, again hardly used so not properly run in. After a couple of hundred hours listening I can definitely confirm this is an excellent match.
My previous speakers (ALR Entry 4 frequency 40Hz-20KHz) were comparable to your Spendors. I was lacking a little in the deep base and a little in the treble. The PMCs 28Hz-25KHz did the job. In fact I am amazed how deep (but controlled) the speakers can play for the size. Don’t be fooled by their size! At a certain point with good recordings (SHM CDs or 24 bit) I don’t only hear the low end but I feel it. PMC have suggested 20/23 with Uniti 2 as well.

My initial approach was also that 1 box all included but the amplification does have its limits although the Naim sound is well present.

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