Uniti2 display fail & service

Hi all
My Uniti2 is about 7 or 8 years old and the display has failed. The display has always been turned off so I am obviously really disappointed.

I believe it has to go back to Naim. Can anyone advise on:
Cost of fixing display
How long Naim currently takes
What else they might do at the same time

Thanks in advance

You need to ask your dealer but there are two options. One is a full service that costs about £330 and the other, which my dealer didn’t even know was available, is just a display replacement which costs about £140.

In both cases it has to go back to Naim and how long it will take is what your dealer has to ask Naim because it partly depends on whether they have the parts in stock. My last SuperUniti display swap a few months ago took about two weeks at Naim plus two weeks while my less than top dealer farted around getting it there and telling me when it was back.




Your best bet is to speak to your dealer. FWIW, I think Naim offer a set price for a service which includes everything that might need doing, including a new screen if need be, so well worth getting it completely done as it’s nearing service due time.

My Uniti2 is also 8 years old. There was a gradual deterioration in the cd playback - skipping tracks, not playing discs etc., and the power switch failed so I couldn’t even switch it on. It took just under a month last summer to turn around and the charge was £330 to repair. It returned enabled for Tidal and Spotify which was a bonus I suppose, although I’m not into streaming. Another forum member had a damaged unit on return to him so while I gather this is very rare, you might consider photographing the unit at the dealer’s before final boxing.

The enabling of Tidal and Spotify is just a firmware update that you can do yourself.

A full service on my other SuperUniti included an extended test, replacing the display, the mute/logo unit and the two reservoir capacitors. The full service basically fixes anything that needs fixing to get it to like new functionality. And the price includes the return carriage to your dealer.



Thanks David.
I’m glad there’s a display only option. That’s useful. Because of its age I’m not sure they will re-cap it at £330 - so that could be a waste of money.

But would they replace things early that aren’t quite ready for service? It’s not 10 years old for example.


Thanks - that’s useful.

I guess it would depend what you want.

And, if you do decide you want to send it back for whatever, get your dealer to book it in at naim, and only take it to your dealer when naim are actually reader for it. Saves it sitting in its box in Salisbury waiting to be worked on.

Are the replacement screens of a better quality? Asking this since an Uniti would fit nicely as a bedroom system.

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