Uniti2 Upgrade Path

First time posting on this newer site, I gained a lot of insight from the older forum regarding streaming issues, so many thanks for the help so far!

I’ve been using a Uniti2 which is powering a Rega turntable (with a Stageline). Logical upgrade would be the new 272/250DR combo, but as we are unaware when/if this is likely to release, I’ve been looking at a SN3/NDX setup which would power the Stageline, but have concerns about SQ.

Isn’t it true that pre/power SQ surpass integrated amps? Perhaps it’s not that simple.

I think it’s fair to say that both options surpass the SQ of my Uniti2, but how is the phono in the SN? Better than Stageline I presume? Also, how would I power my Stageline if I were to go the new 272/250DR route? I’ve used iSupply in the past and I guess it’s OK. Another box to power the Stageline is also OK.

Been dreaming of a pre/power set up since I got into hifi as a kid, and now I’m closer than ever to owning one, I do not want it to come at the expense of my tt.



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