Uniticore backup

I recently upgraded from a Unitiserve to a Uniticore. I transferred my library from one unit to the other using the simple software , however, am having some difficulties with backup. Originally with the Unitiserve I bought a WDcloud drive but could not get this to work so on advice from Naim support who provided a detailed help sheet, bought a Synology DS216J and this worked fine. However the new software will not detect the Synology drive via the set up routine for backup. As a last resort I plugged in the old WD drive and low and behold this worked. The anomaly is that I can see the Synology drive as a uPNP device on my devices (Superuniti and NDX5) and can play music although the Metadata is all over the place. Any ideas?

PS the WD will also play music but the Metadata does not show up properly and the Naim app is prone to crashing

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