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I recently graded my Uniti Serve to a Uniti Core. I have transferred my music into the Uniti Core from the Uniti Serve. From both my computer I see the Serve and the Core have the same number of files and use the same amount of space. However, in the Uniti Core index while it displays an album it does not display all the songs in the album, with more just showing “1”.

I have sought to “Rebuild the database”, but it is not solving the issue. I have about 1.7 tbs of music with about 4,000 albums.

Can anyone assist with this issue?

How exactly did you transfer the music from your Unitiserve to Core?

To explain the question, you should do it using the import music option in the Core bit of the Naim app. But if you used a PC to transfer it across from folder to folder as it were, it won’t work.

Hi David - I used the Import Music function on the app. When I had issues I checked file number and size on my PC (no issues or discrepancy).

I then used the app to “Rebuild database”.

That should have worked! Has the Core put your music into the Music/MQ folder in the Core or into the downloads folder?

OK I have a bit more time to reply now. The reason I asked in my last post where the imported music ended up is that it sounds to me like the import has been into the downloads folder and it’s nit handling metadata from US WAV rips correctly. I recall that if the Core software isn’t certain that it is important from a Naim server then it treats it as suspicious and puts it in the downloads folder. So importing from a backup copy of the Unitiserve won’t necessarily work. But importing from a Unitiserve that is there on the network should do.

Also if you were to get the Unitiserve to transcode from WAV to FLAC and then import into the Core, there really shouldn’t be any metadata issues.

But I imported WAV from my Unitiserve into my Core a few times now (during beta testing of Core firmware) and it all worked fine.

If none of this helps, I suggest you have a word with Naim support and see if they have any suggestions.

HI Dave

Firstly, thanks so much for responding.

The files are all wav, ripped by me from my own CDs onto my UnitiServe. Both Uniti Serve and Uniti Core have them in the MQ folder. Both have the same number of files and use the same amount of storage space.

Usually, it is not all CDs - about 50% of them.

I have a support ticket in with Naim.


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