Uniticore new user questions

I have a Synology nas to backup music store. I managed to make a backup there but only as a guest nas user. Synology recommends to have guest account disabled for security reasons. Is it possible to make backup as a normal nas user? I see that on music share configuration there are fields for username and password. So for share is possible to use a normal user?

I pressed to play an album from uniticore but this is only suitable if core is a standalone player and you have a spdif connection to a dac (i have only upnp). How i clear this selection? Always now there is an album ready to play and i have not found how to clear it.

Can i change artist artwork? If core can’t find a suitable picture leaves this picture empty and later populate it with albums artwork from the same artist. It is more pleasing to have only artist pictures and not mixed pictures (some real artist pictures and other mixed covers)

It will be nice if discogs can be added as source for album metadata. I used it with dppoweamp and was the best and more reliable. Now i ripped 2 dozens of cds and there many misses with current core sources especially on artwork. Fairly popular albums like nick cave’s lyre of orpheus cant find any artwork. Also the is an artist that appears as two artists with exactly the same name (The Go-betweens)

what happens if i configure a share that has common albums already ripped on core? How they are presented?

i have an album with greek characters that metadata are in wrong character encoding. I made my edits and fixed things manually. On file browser i cant see my fixes. Probably fixes saved in meta.naim and file names are unchanged. Is this right?

You should just leave it that you allow the Core to the backup location as a guest share. There is no real security risk in that at all.

I don’t think you can change Artist artwork.

If you want Naim to add another metadata source then you should make the request to them. They won’t necessarily read this. But it would undoubtedly cost Naim money to buy a licence and I doubt they will want to do that. They are aware that the present lookup isn’t perfect though. Metadata providers changing their APIs is an ongoing problem for everyone using lookup services in their products.

If you configure a music share or shares, any music on that share whether ripped on a Core or not will be scanned and will appear in the album listing in the app.

Yes you are exactly right.

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thanks for the answers!

Security considerations is not for this particular naim core backup operation.
Enabled guest account is considered a security threat in general by synology security check tool.

It depends whether you do anything else on that NAS. If you backup banking details or your financial or medical data, I can see the potential issue, otherwise if it’s just music then I suggest ignore the tool.

-Is there anyway to search by song?
-when editing metadata on compilations with various artists there is no way to assign each song to a different artist. Compilations can have only one artist… The only way to “fix” this is to add artist after track name.

On the Naim app open Core then use the search icon it comes up with artists,albums and tracks just scroll to want you want.Also you have the choice of search options.

Trust this helps.

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