UnitiCore - on same circuit or different?

Looks like I’m coming to the final stages of setup for my system - thinks settling down finally.

The UnitiCore - I’m now using a Powerline with it - and it’s plugged right next to the digital section 555DR in a power strip. Seems to work better in this dedicated circuit than on a different spur, surprisingly enough…

Plug In Order:
Blank amp blank preamp blank analog 555 DR UnitiCore digital 555DR.

What do other folks do with their uniticore!? Same dedicated spur as the HiFi or a noisier one?

I’ll do a write up of my nerworking setup - only took 10years to land on a solution… :-does not involve a Cisco

My UnitiCore is in another part of the house so is inevitably on another circuit. But the UnitiCore has a linear power supply which is operational if it’s awake or on network sleep, so shouldn’t add noise.



Mine is used locally via s/pdif into the DAC. It’s on the the same circuit as everything else in the system.

@richard.dane - just curious - what does that system look like? Naim Dac? Or something else? Amplification?

Naim DAC, yes. The power amp is a NAP250DR.

@Richard.Dane Preamp? And do you run a psu on the Dac? Speakers? Just curious…

I also have a Naim Dac/Nac72/HicapDR/250DR running - love it! Fed by a UQ2.

I tried putting a555 on the Dac but preferred it plain. Speakers are kudos X2s.

I use my Core plugged into the musicworks G3 power block, same as the rest of my system.

Right now it’s running on its own. Likewise I had an XPS2, XPSDR, then 555DR, but have been really enjoying it on its own lately. Preamp is NAC552 + Superline. Speakers are SL2s. Note though that on this system I mostly listen to vinyl.

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My Core started out on the power strip plugged into the 10mm2 dedicated supply for my main system but moved upstairs to a different room later where it shares a power strip with a Rege DAC-r, Cursa and Maia setup. This supply has 6mm2 cable and, quite by chance, its own breaker in the consumer unit. When I first moved it there was a drop in sound quality but this was cured when I removed a large ferrite from the ethernet cable between the wall socket and downstairs switch.

Those pesky ferrets. They get everywhere.


My Core is next to my Nova in my office, on an Isotek power board. The NDX2 is in the lounge on another circuit, again on an Isotek power board. Measured noise is very low on both systems.

Can the Core be connected to both a Naim streamer with the digital connection and another using Ethernet at the same time? In my case, the Core is next to my Nova in one room and the NDX2 is in another, all connected via Ethernet.

Could I connect the Core to the Nova with the optical connection and keep the NDX2 connected by Ethernet. This would bypass an Ethernet switch for the Nova and free up a cable.

So you find a benefit with a Powerline on the Core?

@Mike_S - yes it can. It can output to one device via spdif and act as a server streaming to several sources at the same time…

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Thanks, I might play with that. Is the SPDIF what I’d call a digital coaxial cable?

In response to power line question - I don’t know. I suspect if you’re going to stick it in the same power strip as the rest of your components than yes, otherwise no.

I moved it to a different circuit / but powered by a TrippLite power conditioner. Noise floor lowered with no reduction in any other SQ - and I am super sensitive to the sound becoming less dynamic boring etc - even if I can’t hear it I get this intense feeling of boredom after a song or two.

With Naim it’s not what it sounds like - but what it makes you feel like. :slight_smile:

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I use Isotek power strips on both systems, all with Powerlines. The Core is in the room that has the Nova (my office) with the NDX2 etc in the lounge connected via Ethernet. The power strips have been really good as they filter as well and have removed mains noise, lowered the noise floor and not compromised dynamics (though power filtering/conditioning is frowned on a bit on the forum…).

It occurred to me that I could move my Chord Shawline streaming cable from my Nova to between the switch and wall socket that feeds to the NDX2, then connect to the Core with the coaxial - could be a win win

My Core, NDS,XPSDR,Chord TT2 and Cisco 2960 switch are all plugged into the Same Nordost Qb8 power bar. I have powerlines on the Core and XPS, and use a Nordost Heimdall 2 power cord from the wall outlet (Synergistic research Tesla plex). Dead silent and engaging sound, I live in an apartment building, so I really have no choice, but I used the same method when I was in a house.

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