Uniticore vs Roon Nuc DIY vs Roon Nucleus

Anyone done a comparison of all three?
I’ve got a UnitiCore and a Roon Based on intel i5Nuc/Roon Rock. I find the uniticore just a wee bit more detailed and smooth - but also could just be imagining things. Just wondering if a linear PSU on the Roon will tilt the favor to the Roon solution - and whether the Roon Nucleus sounds any better…

I tried the Uniticore vs a Qnap fanless NAS and marginally preferred the SQ of the latter. The Nucleus+ with standard SMPS bested that by a worthwhile margin. A Custom Hi-Fi Cables DC3 LPS made a very significant positive difference lifting things still further.

That’s all I can tell you from my personal experience. I’ve never listened to a NUC other than the Nucleus.

I tried a UnitiServe vs QNAP Roon vs Roon on a Mac and preferred the sound quality of the UnitiServe by quite a big margin. The others sounded somewhat flat and uninteresting in comparison. I would be keen to test a dedicated Roon Rock however, as I imagine that with a low noise power supply, it should be pretty close to the US in sound quality. Unfortunately, of course, the US does not do Roon.

I am doing Roon in the USA. Perhaps I don;t understand your comment?

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US in this context is Unitiserve I think.

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Sorry, I meant UnitiServe, cheers.

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