Uniticute 2 Spotify dropping out

Uniticute 2 worked like a charm for 6 years before I had to go wireless and it’s been trouble ever since. Spotify drops out regularly, system keeps ‘initializing’ and I have to turn it off and on to get it to work again.

How can I fix this?

Thus, so it was working fine when ethernet wired but not now it’s using wireless? Wireless is rarely if ever ideal and I guess the obvious question is, how good is the wireless signal? Have you tried using a wireless access point close to the unit so you can hard wire into the ethernet that way.

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I can say with 100% certainty that it’s not the wireless signal. I’ve got ubiquiti access points all over the place with an uptime of over 200 days, 200mbit downspeed connection and never any problems with other devices.

I know wired is better, but a €1600 device should be able to stream flawlessly right? I mean if my PS4 and Nintendo Switch can do it… UQ2 worked perfect for 6 years on a wired connection.

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have you been in touch with Naim support about this?

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When I had a UnitiQute it was patchy via WiFi, hard wired solved this, you already have had 6 years working perfectly so you know the solution.

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Unfortunately the old Naim streamers were not best known for their wireless performance, and there’s no getting away from the fact that they perform better with a wired connection.
I don’t mean to insult your intelligence, but after 6 years if wired use, did you remember to screw the WiFi antenna (not the Bluetooth one) onto the back of the box?

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I haven’t been in contact with Naim, I was hoping someone else had the same issues and a simple solution was available. Yes the antenna is connected.

6 years for € 1600 euro is a bit much, my dad still uses his '80s receiver although I know you can’t compare the two. UQ2 is getting outdated without Airplay, BT, etc but I still get a lot of use out of it with digital radio (which doesn’t have these issues) and Spotify, which is enough for me.

Thanks for all the replies!

The answer is to use a wired connection, simple as that. Six years wired with no problems. Wireless and problems. While it ‘should’ work wireless it clearly doesn’t and that’s that really. You either wire it or get something else.

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