Unitilite 4.8 Firmware deadline missed

Hi Folks. I recently purchased a used Unitilite with version 4.4 and later noticed the firmware is now listed as 4.8, mostly to accommodate Tidal. Should I still do the update since I noticed there was a deadline which I may have missed?

Neil in Winnipeg

Not sure what you mean about a deadline. Still, I would recommend that you update your firmware anyway.

Not heard of any deadline either, but I upgraded my nds from 4.4 to 4.8 and was very pleased with the results.

I think the deadline related to the date when a Tidal or other service would stop working. Anyway you should definitely do the 4.8 update now and before you ask (!) you can go directly to 4.8 from 4.4. There is no need to do any intermediate updates first. And whatever service it was that the deadline referred to will then be fine.

New to the community.
I have a Unitiqute and a Unitilite, streaming radio and UPnP from CDs ripped onto a QNAP NAS using DBpoweramp.
Not updated either the Qute or the Lite for a number of years. Both running firmware v 4.1.00. Latest Focal app, v 6.0.3
Any issues to look out for when updating the firmware to v 4.8?

Thanks, Alan C

Just follow the instructions to the letter and you should be fine.

Thanks, Chris. Fingers crossed!

Both streamers updated without a hitch, now streaming FLAC hi fi from TIDAL. Excellent instructions. Well done and thank you, Naim!


The deadline is not the deadline to install, it is the deadline before Tidal deprecated the old insecure auth method thus rendering it unusable with the streamer. You should update the firmware and then tidal will work.

Would be interessting if you have the same Upnp issues as i have (Synology Diskstation). Actually you can search and browse upnp Servers in the app, but the display says “no Servers”. And this: Firmware 4.8 update - NDX no longer seen on network

Oh dear, not good!

My system is working perfectly since the update. Naim app immediately finds devices available (Unitilite, Qute & Uniti Core). The Core is a recent acquisition, SSD storage. Can’t speak highly enough - so easy to use after the QNAP NAS, which is clunky & slow to boot up (possibly due to HDDs). Have been streaming UPNP to both streamers - faultless - no issues. The system sounds a bit cleaner from Core than from QNAPtoo, and the Core thus far sorts metadata perfectly without intervention (many hours wasted editing metadata on the QNAP). Wish I’d bought one years ago.

I used to have connectivity issues before when the streamers were on WIFI. Since I had the house wired with ethernet and with recent updates to the Naim app, I’ve had no connection problems at all.

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