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Hi everyone
I have the Naim Unitilite and love it, but I’ve only ever used it to play CD’s and listen to the radio. I know that it has Bluetooth but I have never used it and not really taken an interest before. I have Bluetooth on my mobile as well, can I pair them up, so play music from my phone on my stereo or is it just for wireless headphones?
Sorry if this is a stupid question but I really don’t know and I’ve searched this forum for an answer.


Bluetooth on the Unitilite is an input. So if you enable it in the inputs menu it can then be seen from your mobile as a Bluetooth device and you can play through Unitilite from any App.The sound quality is not as good as CD but it’s convenient when friends are at home and want to take control of the music, or look at something on Youtube and so on.

It makes the Unitilite a real lifestyle and family friendly piece of audio equipment.

Edit - Should have started with “welcome here Bob” :wink:

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Thanks for your reply. Apologies for not saying hi and introducing myself, I actually joined these forums a few years ago but can’t remember my log in details so have had to join again.
I have enabled Bluetooth on my unitilite and also on my mobile, but they don’t seem to be joining up. I must be doing something wrong but don’t know what it is.
I will keep trying as it must be something simple that I just can’t work out…

Hi Bob,

If you have enabled Blutetooth on the Unitilite you should be good to go. Just make sure the aerial is bolted at the back of your Unitilite.

Then on your phone/tablet just go into settings/bluetooth/pairing (or similar wording depending on the OS of your phone/tablet) then you should see the list of Bluetooth connections available around you - select your Unitilite (default name should be something like Lite BTxxxx) to pair. Once paired, sounds will play through Unitilite.

If you tell me exactly what is your phone/tablet I may be able to be more specific.

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Many thanks for your help, I have finally managed to get connected after a bit of fiddling around.
I want to try playing Spotify through my system to see how it sounds

Thanks you once again for taking the time to reply


Well, actually you don’t need bluetooth to play Spotify through the Unitilite, that is, assuming you have a Spotify premium account (or whatever they call it - the account with a monthly fee) you can use Spotify connect. Which is more convenient and a little better quality.

All instructions are available in a dedicated user manual on Naim website.

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