Unitilite busy with another client bug


Regularly (about once or twice a day, my unitlite cannot seem to connect to anything and a message saying it is already in use with another client appears on the iPhone app. The only remedy is to turn the unit off and then back on.
It does happen while streaming (most annoyingly) but seems especially prone to happen when changing album or playlist.

The unitilite is connected via ethernet and everything is up to date. I am streaming Tidal.

Is this a known bug ? Can anyone suggest a fix ?

Many thanks in advance for your help.


I have seen this issue occasionally over the last few months. It’s probably an app bug, but it’s hard to replicate, so I don’t think that Naim have acknowledged an issue here yet.

You may find that closing and then restarting the app, which is quicker than restarting the Unitilite, might resolve the issue for you when it happens.

Bizarrely I saw the very same issue come up today with a muso QB. I unplugged the unit and all was well again. Shutting down the app didn’t fix it.

Closing the app doesn’t do it. I have to turn the unit off and back on. The reason is that the app and the unitilite do not communicate anymore as the unitilite thinks it is busy with another client.
I guess I should report this but I haven’t found the proper place to report bugs…

If this happed to a muso then it looks good and should be fixed at some point with an app update if naim staff is aware of this. Let’s hope they are.

Same here with the 272, since the update to 4.8 (exactly conducted according to the procedure).

Same here with a NDX. Also with a ND5XS before. Sometimes every other day, then every other week.

Same here too with NDS. Usually it works after a couple of minutes.
Seems the first gen streamers got these issues. Maybe an app update will fix this?

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