Unitilite Internet Radio

Switched to internet radio today and found whichever station I selected on the display it said connecting but nothing happened.
Looked in settings and it said connected etc.
Any ideas as to the problem anyone

It could be a temporary issue with your internet service connection or with vTuner (the service that naim use for radio streams).

If you’re able to browse the internet on another device then your internet is fine, so as a first step I would suggest flicking the power switch on the UnitiLite , waiting 10 seconds, and powering back up to see if a reset solves the issue.

Wayne thanks for your reply
I have tried a reset but no joy.
My internet is working fine so I must assume it’s something to do with Naim provider

Internet radio is fine so it must be at your end. Turn off the router and the Naim. Wait a minute. Turn on the router and let it fully boot up. Then turn on the Naim again.

Thanks for your comments hungryhalibut,
switched off router and Naim and yes all working now.
I appreciate your help as I was begining to think the Unitilite was at fault.

That’s brilliant. Turning of and on again - in the right order - fixes an awful lot of these little issues. Enjoy the music.

I think this is possibly the only advantage the CD player has over the streamers. No network to worry about, just plug it in and it works :slight_smile: That said, I’ll still be selling my CD5si and keeping the ND5XS2

Absolutely, CD always works. Until the mech fails or you lose the puck of course!

When you’ve had a networked system for a little while you work out how to fix these things.

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