UnitiLite Power Amp

Hi I’m looking to add a Naim power amp to my UnitiLite. Is there such a beast which has a pre out? I would like to run a sub as well
Thanks indeed

You can add a Naim power amp to the Unitilite via the pre-out DIN4 socket.

There’s only one pre-out though so if you want to add a subwoofer then best to take a high level connection off the back of the loudspeaker’s sockets - this will probably sound best anyway.

This might be the most stupid question I’ve ever asked, in a long history of stupid questions, but could you not connect the speakers to the power amp’s speaker sockets, and the sub’s high level inputs to the UnitiLite’s speaker sockets?

Naim power amps don’t like to have a subwoofer’s high level feed directly connected to them. It’s always better here to connect from the terminals on the loudspeakers, that way the subwoofer connection is not “seen” by the power amp.

Ah, I thought it was an issue if you tried to connect both speakers and sub to the same set of speaker outputs. It seems that they just don’t like subs, full stop, though the Bassline Blue seems to be a notable exception.

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