Unitilite Pre Amplfier Output

The output is quoted as 775mv is that with the volume control at maximum

I should explain that I am looking at a power amplfier with an input of 2.35 v and wonder if the Unitilite will drive it

Sorry I can’t provide a straight answer, but I have my Unitilite connected as a pre to a Naim nap 200 and it works very well. Maybe you can find the nap 200 power input and use as a comparison ?

FWIW I’m my room with my speakers I play at same volume setting using the nap 200 or using Unitilite internal power amp (volume around 22 on Unitilite screen) for similar sound pressure.

Hi Zinc
Thanks for reply, my speakers must be inefficient as I have the volume often at 30 to 40.
30 for rock etc,40 for classical.

Does anyone know if the 775mv output is -10db or 0db or something else

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