Unitilite shuffles music whatever I do!

Very pleased with unitilite system but when stream from Windows Media player 10 the app shuffles albums. Not big issue with jazz and rock but makes symphonies, classical impossible. Have turned off shuffle at source no difference. Any advice, please.

It sounds as though you’ve selected shuffle in the app.

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Thanks for that, but I have checked and the app isn’t showing shuffle. Kevin

In that case, try downloading the free trial version of Asset (from dbpoweramp) for PC to see if that works. It may be a metadata issue - do all the files have the correct track number - in the metadata not the file name. Check if it’s a case of the tracks being shuffled randomly or coming in alphabetical order.

Windows Media Player is the problem, its OK for playing music on the PC but not local streaming.
As HH says its probably because the files don’t have or have errors in the metadata
Were did the music files come from
Are they ripped CD’ s & what software did you rip them with
What codec format are the files

Whatever you need to do something to get away from Win Media Player, the free trail version of Asset is the very obvious & excellent place to start
www . dbpoweramp . com / asset-upnp-dlna.htm

There might be more work to do with metadata, & it might be easier to start over, but lets see what Asset does first.

Thanks very much to both of you. I will try asset. Happy New Year

Have downloaded the free asset file and it seems to work! Thanks for the advice - always good to hear from experts.

Well done, I’m pleased that’s fixed it. Asset is very flexible, allowing you to configure how you see your music sorted in the app. If you really get into local streaming you may want to consider getting a nas, so you don’t need the computer running all the time.

Yes, happy you’ve sorted it.
Like HH sez, you should think about a pukka NAS, so much better for streaming than off a PC, plus the NAS can also be used as your PC back-up.

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