Unitilite with Audiolab

Do you think the Audiolab6000CDT would work well with a Unitilite, the CD drawer has packed up on it and it is out or guaranteee and I don’t want to have it repaired

I use the 6000 CDT into my NDX and am very pleased with the result!
(Doesn’t exactly answer your question but I find that the 6000 CDT works well with my Naim system)

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Let me put it another way is there any reason the Audiolab 6000cdt would not work well with a Unitilite

I added an Audiolab 6000cdt and M DAC+ to my Uniti2 without any compatibility issues, and with a significant improvement in sound.

I am going to use the Audiolab with the built in DAC of the Unitilite not with a separate DAC.
The Unitilite has 4 digital inputs 2 optical and 2 coaxial.
Does anyone think this would be a problem has I have not purchased the Audiolab yet

I dont see where a problem might arise. The CDT has digital out ( optical and coaxial) and the Unitilite has digital in. In the thread ‘CD player in 2021’ at comment 157 Ian2001 talks about his CDT feeding directly into a Nova.

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On my Lite the draw has stopped coming out (I’ve tried changing belts with limited success, the draw is too heavy for the mechinism is how I see it), however it does attempt to open and when that happens the draw can be pulled down, allowing the draw to go in and out.

Once this has happened I can load and play a CD.

I know it’s a faff, but does yours do that or has it totally failed?

I’ve toyed with clamping the door open but the reality is I don’t play that many CDs now.

Yes completely jammed even when I pull the lid down.
Sometimes I can get it to work other times I have to fiddle for ages.

Well if the Audiolab works with a Nova it should be ok with the Unitilite so I shall go ahead, I think I will use the coaxial lead as I dont like optical leads as they come out easily and I dont think the sound quality is as good

Yep, received wisdom is that coax is superior. I’ve been much impressed with the CDT: build quality not too far off Naim; in black, a good colour and size match for the Unitilite; and an improvement in transients and soundstage, as commented on by reviewers. My Uniti2 cd mechanism failed last year and was repaired by Naim for £330, so the CDT price is good value. I repaired the Uniti2 in order to keep the option of selling on, but now use the Audiolab 99o/o of the time with an occasional use of the Naim cd to keep it from seizing up. When using the remote don’t linger on the buttons as that seems to cancel the instruction.

I did indeed use an Audiolab 6000 CDT into my Nova, it’s a very fine piece of kit for not very much money (in comparison)

I managed to get my CDX2 serviced (by Naim) and a digital output fitted.

If I hadn’t I would have bought the CDX2. According to my dealer, he has sold several to Naim users with high end systems

I did purchase the 6000 cdt and hooked it up to the Unitilite with an Audioquest Forest digital coaxial cable.
It all works very well I don’t think it sounds any better but that could be the coaxial cable.

Did not put my comments very well.
I was expecting the combo to sound better but it was about the same is this because the coaxial cable limits things or is the on board dac the limiting factor

The on-board DAC is certainly a limiting factor, my dealer tells me has sold the Audiolab 6000 CDT to several Naim users with ‘’ high end’’ Naim systems .

If I had not upgraded my CDX2 , I would have bought it quite happily

I am using my CDX2 (now with digital output) with a Shawline .

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