UnitiNova upgrade path

…I think it might have to do with the type of speakers. Some have found not much benefit over the bare Nova of a 250DR whereas I personally found it to be a big upgrade, as always its worth evaluating using the usual criteria (i.e. is the additional cost of the upgrade <= the price you would put on the increase in SQ)…always worth a try before selling it on…

Speakers are Kudos X2’s. I’m interested to hear the difference

I came here to ask about turntable options and am finding the forum quite interesting.

However, I refuse to be assimilated. I might end up buying a turntable but will not be buying racks, powerlines, dressing cables or rewiring my house :joy:


Be afraid… be very afraid
The forum will drag you in…


Well, that’s an indicator for you. It’s a bit like my mrs when she goes shopping. She goes for butter and comes back with half the shop. :grin: :zipper_mouth_face:

Trust me, that the same thing that I said when I first joined here. Managed to resist for around 3 years. :smile: After all, there is a reason why companies open up forums. :wink:


:joy::joy: ok I may well end up eating my words but have strong resolve, so far…


I have been borrowing a 250DR from my local dealer to go with my Nova. My thinking was that this might drive my ATC19 speakers better (not that I have been disappointed by the Nova) and might also be a stage towards the mythical 272.2.

I have been surprised to find myself falling into the camp of “relatively little change” - the Powerline made a much bigger difference. There was more authority in the mid range and bass but it was not a substantial uplift and it also lost something, a certain jauntiness I would call it.

I’ve just gone back to the Nova only today and I’m not missing the 250.

So Plan B is try an NDX 2 and SN3. (Plan C is wait for the 272.2 and Plan D is think about speakers and then do nothing and leave the system as it is). :slight_smile:


Thats interesting, with me I only had to add the 250DR and it was a no brainer, I haven’t even bothered to go back to confirm, more weight and authority particularly bass & drums (possibly to do with the Shahinians). I did get a good deal on the 250DR and like the idea of having a brand new DR power amp ready for if a 272.2, 572, or SuperNova ever appears on the horizon which would then be a straight swap out with the Nova. I wonder though if the spacing I have gone for in my stack (250DR well away from the Nova) allows the pre in the Nova to breath better (using brain/brawn analogy). Maybe thats adding something to the mix?

I agree - a decent power cable made a real difference to my Nova

A much underrated upgrade the powerline. I have them on all my products…

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The other good option to upgrade the Nova is to add a sub. When set up well, it will significantly improve the overall scale and presentation of music.

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…you know you cant :wink:

Definitely not needed with my set up, maybe thats down to the Obelisks?

Ah yes, I meant to reply to @PW42 :sunglasses:

Get thee behind me… :slight_smile:


It’s certainly a thought.

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Think I may have to back track slightly. Another thread mentioned bi-amping the Nova and 250 and, since I had some spare speaker cables lurking, I thought I would give it a go. And it made a significant difference. The same depth and authority was there but the bounce came back as well.

I was quite surprised at how well it worked given the two sets of cables were completely different and there was no attempt at a neat set up.

I still don’t think it is a way I will go unless the 272.2 suddenly pops into view as, for me, the cost/benefit doesn’t work. It has proved to me how good the Nova is on its own and any worthhile move is going to need a change of source.

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Bi-amping the Nova is an interesting idea. I would love to try that, keep the same box count. I wonder if it’s possible to bi-amp the Shahinian? Otherwise could try it with a pair of ProAc D30s…

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