Unitiqute 1 returned from service

Hi folks this is my first post on the new forum but I’m on here reading posts quite often. I’ve received my Qute back today from a service, fading screen repair and streaming board upgrade. It looks and sounds great. The new display is defo an improvement on the original. Just a quick query. Does the new display have a protective film that needs peeling off? Ive noticed just a couple of small air bubbles around the edges, hardly noticeable but rather than pick at it I thought I ask thanks.

Yes there will be a film, it should come off fairly easily, or leave alone if its not that noticeable.

Cheers Robert. Will just leave it and enjoy

Interested to know about the board upgrade? Have they bunged an Atom board in? Might do the same if so!

The very early Naim streamers had a streaming board that only supported up to 24/96. It was replaced by a board that could do 24/192. When Naim added support for Spotify, and then Tidal, and a few other things, they required the later 24/192 board in order to work.
This is all ancient history though. If you want the Atom board, you’ll have to buy an Atom, sorry!


Thanks for clarifying. I have got the Qute 2 upgrade already, will have to keep me going a while longer.

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