Unitiqute 2 and Qobuz - confirming can't do it

Hi all,

I just want to confirm there isn’t an update somewhere that allows the UQ2 to use Qobuz (vs Tidal).


There isn’t an update. Naim confirmed a year or two back that there are hardware limitations that prevent it. But there are lots of ways to do it and if you search on the forum then you will find endless posts about that.

Roon plus raspberry pi as a roon endpoint (or any roon compatible device to deliver a digital signal to the back of the uq2)
M connect hd
For starters, there might be other ways.

Gosh. That all seems way too complicated.

I’m cheap and don’t want to pay for both a Tidal and Qobuz subscription.

I have a UQ2 (office) and a Node>nDAC (main).

I’m interested in moving to Qobuz for the sound quality on the nDAC. Don’t care so much re the UQ2 as I don’t think Qobuz v Tidal will make a big difference on that unit.

I honestly am not completely in love with the UQ2…maybe time to move to an io+Mojo which I frankly think is a better sounding combo. And just run Qobuz off my phone to everything.

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