Unitiqute 2 as headphone amp

I’m wondering if anyone can offer an opinion as to the Unitiqute 2’s capabilities as a desktop/headphone amp system. Thinking about a pre-loved unit for this purpose, but I can’t seem to find anything online that speaks to this definitively.


Honestly, as a UQ2 user for an office system, I can say it’s headphone amp isn’t up to much.

I had Sennheiser HD600 from a previous system that the UQ2 struggles to make sound convincing. I would say that clarity is okay but stay away from headphones higher than 150 Ohms.

If your goal is purely headphones, a DAC v1 is better. But if it is mainly with speakers, the UQ2 is fantastic. Just don’t go crazy with revealing or hard to drive headphones.


Thanks for your insightful response! I’m am looking for a Uniti like (all in one) office/headphone system. Speakers would almost certainly never be required.

Curious if anyone has an opinion if an Atom is up to the challenge of a suitable, all-in-one headphone amp.

To be fair Sennheisers are probably totally unsuitable for the UQ2, so your results are unsurprising. However, present the UQ2 with something easier to drive like the Hifiman 400i or similar and it’s a very different (and much, much better) result.

If you want something really inexpensive to pair with Sennheiser HD600s, you cannot really do much better than a Ponoplayer, particularly when used in balanced mode. With some spare batteries and maybe a solar charger, it would be my desert island choice.

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