Unitiqute 2 as source

Hi Gang

I currently have a new (to me) UQ2 as source into my Violectric V281. A Raspberry Pi4 is on the network running Bubble UPnP Server [thanks all for helping me get that sorted] and feeding it Qobuz in hi-res transcoded to WAV

All sounding very good, but I was wondering how good a front end this would be for an nDAC or Chord Qutest?

The upgrade path I’m thinking is add an nDAC, then a PS and then NDS. (UQ2 goes to the bedroom and nDAC is sold).

Thoughts and other suggestions?

Curious to know also : i have a UQ2 and on the market for a headphones/ dedicated amplifier combo

Any experience out there of adding a Dac to the UQ2?

I ran a UQ1 as source into a DAC V1 (via the digital out BNC). I think the Sonore microRendu with good power supply that replaced it (connection via the asynchronous USB) is much better and feeds Roon to both the V1 and UQ1 (now in the office). I think the UQ’s are one of the best values in audio, but work best as all in ones. The streaming capabilities are a bit long in the tooth by now as well.

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Thanks, its meant as a temporary fix until I can afford a long term answer.

Agreed, I actually bought the UQ2 to replace the Sonos in the bedroom.

I was able to extend the life of my Unitiqutes by adding Roon capability. I first tried a Raspberry Pi, but then replaced it with a software solution with LMS2UPnP. This has extended their life for me - but for how long?

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