Unitiqute 2 bt with fading screen

I was looking to get this repaired and have been quoted £549 for a replacement screen which is excessive when this amount of money could buy another second hand qute or 1/3 of a used atom.
Can anyone help please with any other options or advice?

Naim used to offer a special price just for a screen replacement of about £150. Many dealers don’t seem to know about it and it’s not on the recently-published price list so I should get your dealer to ring Naim to check.

I had my Superuniti screen replaced late last year at a cost of £150 via my dealer.

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Yes so did I!

But the dealer had never heard of the screen service and when they rang me back to confirm what Naim said when they rang them, the dealer guy said I had done them a favour as they had an ND5 XS with a dead screen and they had been going to chuck it out as not worth repairing.

My dealer initially quoted a significantly higher figure, it was only when I asked him to check with Naim that he came back with £150 . I got the tip off from the forum, probably a post from yourself David!


Thank you for all the responses.
Meanwhile I got this reply from another dealer

'We’re moving away from offering the £140 display only repairs for original NaimUnitis and Qutes.

Since we started offering the reduced price, we’ve seen the vast majority of failed display Qutes and Unitis requiring their streaming board be replaced in order to facilitate the fitting of the newer variant of the display - which we hope will last a good deal longer than the original. In addition, there’s often other work that’s required on units of this age (leaky capacitors, etc.). ’

Not sure now whether to keep it or try to sell it.
Having recently bought an Atom (which I’m loving) I wanted to keep the qute for another room

It is dilemma.

I have a Unitilite, which could do with a new CD section (I now don’t play CDs) and the cost of repair etc is most probably more than the Units value.

My screen is fine and the Unit sounds good.

The app is my main control when streaming music from my NAS, but I use the remote for radio and the screen to confirm station and volume (number) level.

If my screen went, I think I would, if buying Naim again, buy the Atom or Nova for newer streaming platform. However, now I would also consider another brand.

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try another dealer to see what they say?

I had my UQ1 fully serviced, including a new screen and upgraded streaming board. I figured it was old enough to warrant it. You could buy another UQ1/2 with a non faulty screen for the price of a service, true, but that screen is likely living on borrowed time unless it has recently been replaced.

I do not plan on replacing my UQ1 any time soon, so consider the service cost both insurance, and part of the commitment of running a high end piece of HiFi.

I’ve posted this list before, hopefully it shows the value of a full service, quite a lot was replaced.

I do realise that the cost of the (second hand, off eBay) original unit, plus service, is approaching £1000. You could buy a new all in one streamer for that price. Albeit not a Naim one. £1000 for a streamer, DAC and amp is still good value, IMO.


Saw this thread, and having just sent a customer’s NDX off for a “replace OLED only” repair based on the current price of £159 + P&P, I needed some clarification. So raised a query with Naim as they have not said anything about this matter to us retailers officially.

From the response I have received, it seems that the majority of the “legacy” streamers can have their OLED screens replaced for £159 + P&P, including your Qute-2 @PhilW.

The products that are affected by the higher price (£549 - repair only) are the original 24/96 NaimUniti, Uniti Qute and NDX (NB I have questioned this last one further as these were originally manufactured with 24/96 boards but Naim have omitted to list the original NDX in their reply).

Reasoning - these earlier 24/96 products will also need their network boards replacing to work with the new OLED screens. But, given that the 24/192 board improves the product’s performance & adds features as well (i.e. Spotify & TIDAL), it should be seen as an upgrade.

Hope this helps.



this seems to mirror what my dealer in DE told me a few weeks back - 160 for the screen and another 350ish for the board upgrade

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