Unitiqute 2 display issue (not dead)

I’m aware of the issues surrounding the displays on these units that die, but the display on the unit I have hasn’t died - in fact when it’s working it’s nice and bright and easy to read.
The trouble is, it won’t always illuminate.
If the unit is cold (hasn’t been turned on for a while) and I power it up, the NAIM logo lights up but there’s no display.
If I leave it for an hour or more, then come back and switch it off then on again - ta da! The display comes on immediately.
I’m just wondering if anyone has had this experience?
Don’t worry about advising me to take it to a repairer.
I simply wanted to find out if anyone has had this happen on their unit and whether they were able to resolve it.

How are the display settings set on your UQ2?

And how is DISP toggled? (I have mine toggled to OFF, so only shows when something is altered such as volume, radio channel etc…)

Does it show the UnitiQute ‘splash’ screen soon after you turn it on, then go blank? Or does nothing show at all?

The display is set to show all the time (I made sure of that when it was actually working).
That was something I suspected could be an issue but it’s deeper than that.

When it is first powered up from cold (for example it has been powered down overnight) it doesn’t show anything at all. The display is dark, as if it’s completely dead - yet the unit is working and playing music etc.
I’ve had it powered up for a couple of hours now today and turning it off then on again hasn’t brought back the display, so either I need to leave it on longer or the fault is getting worse.
The fact it is still working even though the display doesn’t light up suggests for some reason the display isn’t getting a supply initially.

Sounds like the display may be faulty. Being an OLED it’s probably best not to have the display on all the time as that seems to reduce lifespan.

DIY with the electronics falls outside of forum AUP so I would get in touch with Naim’s service dept. and see what they think.

I have a UQ1 and the exact same thing happened to me - took an hour for the display to light up after a cold (24 hour+) start…It did this for 3-4 months and then the display just died. It’s going to fail one day so I’d think about getting back in for service - it could take a while given the parts situation…Good luck!!

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Thanks Maury_Finkle - that’s exactly what I wanted to know - whether someone else had run into this problem. I was going to buy a replacement screen for this unit but put that on hold when it decided to light up. It may still be necessary to get one. I am going to have a closer look.

the other thing to know is that there’s a 2-3 month wait for screen replacements - have your dealer do the paperwork now and by the time your screen goes, you’ll be able to send it back for service!!

Also for old Unitis that have the 192/24 board (which includes all UnitiQute2), Naim may agree to do a screen service which is about half the cost of a full service. You can’t just buy a screen and put it in yourself because the new screens are electrically different to the old ones.

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