Unitiqute 2 not found by Naim app


I have a Unitiqute 2 for several years. Due to the famous dead screen problem I’m operating the device with Naim’s App on my iPhone 7. I had non stop connection problems with the App. Constantly loosing connection with the UQ2. Spotify doesn’t work as well. My wife has the same iPhone 7. With the same Naim App. With her phone I find the UQ2 easily. With my phone there is always a problem and I need more time and patience and have to try several times. This was the reason to decide to reinstall the App. So far big mistake. The App can’t find the Room. The UQ doesn’t exist anymore as a device on the App so I can’t choose it. I have the option to connect the device manually. In order to do this I have to put the IP address of the device. I put the IP as per the manual. Doesn’t work. I found a UQ thread and I used another 2 IP addresses as per the advice there. Doesn’t work again. The App just doesn’t see/recognise the UQ2/room.
The phones and the UQ2 are using the same WiFi. The UQ2 is connected to the WiFi and is working. Can be operated with my wife’s phone.

Could you please advise how to reconnect my App to the UQ2?

I forgot to attach the picture of the existing choices on my phone’s app.
Another problem I couldn’t solve is that I can’t see on the App the album covers. Usually I’m listening HiRes audio files via USB stick. There are different folders with different albums on the USB. But no album cover visualisation.

If you can connect with your wife’s phone, or if you know how to check your router for connected clients, you should look up the actual IP address for your UnitiQute and use that… the example numbers provided in other documents are meant as a guide only, not as an indication that your device will be using that address.

Regards alan

The screen you show is a little confusing in that it only shows the current Naim streamers, but in fact when working properly the app should automatically find any Naim devices without any setup process being required.
The first thing I would try is restarting your router. Better still, turn off the router, Unitiqute and phone. Then turn on the router, wait until it is fully functioning, then turn on the Unitiqute, then the phone, and see if it is then visible in the app.

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Although Chris gives excellent advice for re-starting your network, I think this might not be necessary as a first step since your wife’s phone finds your UQ2. I was assuming that you were choosing the “add manually” option at the bottom of the screen but had been using an incorrect IP address based on other people’s examples. With that said, it might get be useful to double check that your iPhone is connected to your same home wifi network as your wife’s, just to be doubly sure…

Best of luck!

Regards alan

Thank you for your opinions!
Both phones are using the same WiFi.
And yes, the App is giving a choice only for the current Naim streamers. There is no UQ option. So only manual settings is an option.
I will try to find the actual UQ’s IP address.


The Naim app should locate the uq2 “room” automatically, you shouldn’t need to go through set up by IP address.
From the “rooms” list, slide downwards to refresh. If nothing is found, there is a network issue preventing the uq2 from appearing.
Using the remote you can identify the uq2 IP address, go through settings to make sure it is connected.

When you know the IP address, any browser should show this screen … just put the IP address.

Hi just a thought: are the phones of different ‘ages’?
Just had a new router running 2.4 & 5ghz, my iphone 11 runs on the 5ghz, but some of my Naim gear are on the 2.4ghz, but luckily(??) no problems; could your two phones be on different ‘bands’ & ones seeing it, the other isn’t - I’m no ‘expert’ & could be completely wrong, but someone else with more knowledge will ‘put me/us right :grimacing: :relaxed:

The current situation: all devices in the house are using the same WiFi net. Yes, the net has two bands - 2,4 and 5 gHz. Usually the UQ is controlled via both bands. The controlling phones are iPhone 7. The older one is around 14 months. The Naim App on my phone is completely different compared with the previous version when I have connected the two phones.
At the moment I can control the UQ2 only with my wife’s phone. The UQ2 is WiFi connected.
Following the advice of @robert_h (to choose the Mu-So option for rooms) my phone is looking for the UQ2 for more than 10 - 15 minutes but without success so far. Really annoying situation with this new App.
Maybe I have to ask a friend’s help in order to see the correct IP address of the UQ2 and try it manually.

You can use your wife’s phone and look up the address by selecting the UQ2 and then the gear wheel icon in the top right hand corner and About. The IP address is near the bottom of the list.

But anyway you shouldn’t be selecting muso to make the app look for the UQ2. The app just finds it if it’s there. Apart from adding the room manually which can be a sort term fix, the other approach is to temporarily connect your UQ2 to the router with an Ethernet cable. Plugging the Ethernet in will disconnect the WiFi and the app should see the UQ2 over Ethernet, which would confirm that your phone is working properly.



You can see this in settings if you use the remote control too.

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He says his screen is dead Robert…

Router, then.
Or use the other phone that can see it in the app, and look in “about”.


Thank you, David!
I found the IP address.
But still my phone App is not able to connect to the UQ. I will continue to try.
Here is the data from my wife’s phone. And next picture is the message from my phone using the same IP address.

Can you access that IP address with your phone in a browser?


Yes, I can see it with my phone.
But when I put it manually in the App I still see the message from the second picture.

I’d would try deleting the app from your phone then reinstalling it.

Have you got an Ethernet cable to try as I suggested before? You don’t need speakers connected to your UQ2 for this test. Just mains and the Ethernet cable.

Thank you, everybody!

I just did it. Now everything seems OK. The App found immediately the UQ2. The device is back in the game :blush:
Don’t have any explanation why the App couldn’t do it the previous time…
Could be because of the two bands used - 2,4 gHz and 5 gHz. The second App’s installation I switched from 5 to 2,4 gHz. Maybe this was preventing the automatic room recognition the first time.

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That’s great. I guess the app data gets corrupted somehow, and reinstalling starts afresh.