Unitiqute 2 streamer can not be selected in Spotify although it's mentioned

has anybody experienced the same problem? I cannot find a solution online.

This is the situation
-Unitiqute 2 (with Naim amplifier but this is not really relevant) connected to DLINK router with wired cable
-Streamer version 4.7
-I can ping the streamer from my laptop
-streamer gets IP address from my laptop
-Norton security suite on laptop and iphone but disabling firewall does not make a difference
-without any change to my knowledge, when trying to stream spotify from either my iphone spotify app or on my windows laptop spotify app the unitiqute streamer is greyed out in the list of devices in the Spotify app with the comment below “Can’t play this right now”.
-I have rebooted everything, installed latest firmware on streamer but still the same problem


4th bullet point needs to read as “streamer gets IP address from DLINK router (DHCP”

this topic can be closed; the reason Spotify is greying out the device is because the file that I’m trying to stream is downloaded from the Spotify library and hence a local copy; apparently

I looked up the online version in the Spotify library and I am able to stream that without a problem to my Unitiqute;
to whom it may concern

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Glad to hear you got to sorted out. I’ll close the thread now.