Unitiqute 2 update

I’m having trouble updating my product to 4.8 version.
A lot of my songs on tidal playlists just won’t play.
I’ve got as far as putting the updater on my PC but when I connect my unitiqute 2 to my computer via the mini usb at the back it’s telling me I need to install a driver.
Can somebody please tell me how to install a naim unitiqute 2 driver onto my PC so I can get this sorted,
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You really need to read the Naim instructions that come with the update. It tells you about the driver there, and other things that you need to know as you haven’t done this before.

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Driver here

As David says, it’s all in the guide notes.
Connect pc to uq2
Install silicon labs uart driver
Get the com port number from device manager
Install the Naim updates software
Run it, tell it the com port number
Go through the prompts

There are some other crucial points in the instructions though, and from the time when I helped man the 4.8 release thread, not everyone gets them.

In particular:

  1. the PC and the streamer need to be connected by both the USB lead and the local Ethernet/WiFi network for the update to work.

  2. You must connect all the leads and power up the streamer before you open the updater programme on the PC. If you open the updater program, then turn on the streamer, then start the updater programme, you will not find the COM port that is able to see the streamer.

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