Unitiqute 2 +?

After years of not playing much music (kids, life etc) I’ve recently got back back into proper listening by running the spotify from my TV into my naim 72/140/non-Naim PSU system. So much so that I’ve just bought a second have Unitiqute 2 which is quite the step up in performance when through my nap 140 (72 and psu now in boxes - probably to be sold on). So this leaves me with the following choices (and I should say that my speakers recommended input is 40-300W so the Unitiqute falls a bit short at 30wpc):

1 - keep using the 140 as a power amp - it has served me well and I know it punches above its weight

2 - sell the 140 to buy something like a naim xs or xs 2 secondhand (can’t stretch to an xs 3 or supernait 2/3 - my first naim set up was a cd5x and an xs when they were first released, a pairing I loved so there is some nostalgia in this choice)

3 - sell the 140 to buy something a poweramp like a 155xs or a 200 secondhand

The attraction of selling the 140 is (i) the above alternatives have a bigger power output and (ii) I can sell the 72/140 (and possibly the psu) as a package and then have matching classic series boxes. However I don’t know if there is much point having what would effectively be 2 pre-amps (the Unitiqute and an integrated).

Anyone got any thoughts?

Do not sell the 72, you will regret it.

Why not keep the 72/140 and feed it with a good streamer? Maybe even the nd5xs2?

What are the speakers?

As someone who loves their UnitiQute 2 and thinks it’s one of the best little things Naim have done, a serviced 72/140 should utterly trounce it.

I’d look for a second hand NDX as your source and service/recap the 72/140.


Speakers are PMC Fb1is. I did think about a standalone streamer into the 72/140 but decided against it for a couple of reasons being (i) I want/need remote control function as the system is in the living room and we use it for tv etc and (ii) I’understood that that olive kit is voiced for vinyl whereas the newer stuff is voiced for digital. When I’ve had cd players in the past running through olive or chrome bumper amps I’ve found the sound a bit forward and brash compared to running it through a 202 or and xs.

My Superuniti had no problems running the original FB1’s.

Going for a Superuniti was another option if I can get one that isn’t too old - most of those available seem to be 2012/13 vintage so might be coming up for needing servicing etc.

The UQ2 has a digital out, so you could always run that into a standalone DAC and from there to an integrated. Depending on the number of inputs on the DAC you might also take digital out straight from the TV to it too.

Simplest option might be resell all of it and buy a bigger Uniti? Cheap, powerful, simple, might be one of those things you can only have two of X)

I assume you want to run your TV audio through this system? Do you have an approximate budget to play with?

The 72/140 is a much loved system round here, so not surprised many are suggesting to keep it! But plenty come up for sale in auction sites, so people do also change them out for one reason or another.

Just to close things out…superuniti arrived today and is warming up in the living room. I’ve moved the Unitiqute 2 to the study and plugged in an old pair of Kef Crestas - loving having music/6 music while I work away. Assuming I enjoy the sound of the superuniti it’ll be time to move the 72/140 on for someone else to enjoy.


72/140 can benefit from a hicap if you don’t have one already.

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