Unitiqute 24/96 repair/service


Does anyone have a rough idea what the going rate for a gen 1 Unitiqute screen repair/service/streaming board upgrade is? I don’t really have a local dealer and I haven’t been able to get a reply from
Naim customer service.

Are 24/192 board upgrades still a thing (would like Spotify connect)?

Thanks, Steve

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As I understand it, the screen repair can be done at a cheaper price. £150 sounds familiar but may be wrong. Serving can only go thorough a dealer so you’ll need to get one involved come what may.

Looking at the table posted above, it looks as though service and upgrade will be over £900 - the dealer will advise - in which case you may be best cutting your losses, selling the UQ cheap and getting an Atom, which will do everything you want and more besides.

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Thanks for the replies. If it falls into the band 7 pricing then it’s definitely not worth it for me (£500 might be something i’d consider but not nearly £1k). I can use the UQ as an amp and take care of the Streaming side with a Rasp Pi and use the UQ digital inputs or get a pretty good standalone dac. (Accepting that the amp side might still want a service in not too long).

If ever the screen of my Superuniti fails, I couldn’t care less. What information does it provide the Naim-App does not? I have in “on” for the shortest possible intervall anyway.

Yeah the screen was probably the least important bit of work (although do you get all the error messages/config that’s accessible with the screen and the remote handset?)

There are a number of settings that can only be accessed via the remote and screen, including output and network settings. This can be overcome if you know the sequence of key presses of course.

No you don’t get it all through the app. Quite a lot of the setup stuff needs the screen.

My Superuniti had its screen replaced recently I think it was £175.

OK, thanks for correcting me then. And I would agree that even though it seems possible going by the steps in the manual without seeing anything is a rather remote option.
I will treat the display with greatest care from now on :wink: