UnitiQute 24/96- Up and died

The other day I was listening to music. Left the room and came back to silence. No display, no sound, no lights on back not even the little Ethernet diagnostic leds on the port itself.

Tried to connect with the naim app and Qute can not be seen.

I tried swapping the fuses in the back. No joy. I tried new fuses, nope not it. I took the back off and used a non-contact voltage tester. I seem to be getting voltage out of the transformer.

Are there any test points that I can check on the board. I can make simple voltage measurements as I have a good fluke meter.

The sad reality is that getting to my Naim dealer is quite the pain (plus the dealer I bought from retired and sold his business to one of his employees.) Also with small children now I can’t spend much on a repair.

Anything else I can do at home?

I guess if you have it opened, you could look for any burnt out components. Worth giving “Class A” a call in Sheffield and see if Darren would service/repair it

Nothing looked out of place or smelled bad inside. I was literally sniffing around for burnt smell and could not see or smell anything out of the ordinary.

I’m in the US not the UK btw.

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